Barra Libre Concert

OK. I've been slacking on posting to this blog. But, candidly, I haven't had much time to pontificate and I'm permanently backed up on my reading so the referring posts have slipped too.

But, I can't help today but want to talk about an awesome band that I saw this past weekend at Rothko in the Lower East Side. Barra Libre is a must see act & must listen to collection!
The music is a fully embodied and energy-driven voyage that passes through elements of Latin music, Mariachi, and Afro-beats mixed with punk and funk influences from The Clash to The Pixies to Fela Kuti, just as the very name, Barra Libre, suggests when translated from the Spanish term - "a free bar." Barra Libre is three part Mexican, one part Ecuadorian and one part gringo, and now resides in NY.
These guys are absolutely worth watching and tracking -- they're just getting started! Two guitars, a bass, percussions, a trumpet, bass drums, and a crazy rythm.

Let me know what you think of my pics from the night (apologies for the quality my Treo doesn't have a flash).