The JigSaw Social Networking Biz Model

OK, so maybe they're not exactly a social networking play... But, somewhere caught between LinkedIn and Plaxo. Having dealt with sales pipeline generation difficulties myself, and having first hand experience in marketing sales to qualify leads (which included simply finding the leads), I would be willing to pay for this type of service.

Thanks to Dan Primack from Thomson Venture Economics for a nice synopsis on the company plan and business model.

The question really is, not whether this would be a useful service, but rather whether the community's trust can be sustained. Nobody likes being called upon by sales people, and as the database becomes populated & used by sales agents, my phone will start ringing more. I'm not going to want that, and I don't know anyone who will. So... Isn't there the risk that this service ends up looking more like a Do Not Call Registry rather than anything else? Who knows? I guess it's worth the gamble for Norwest and El Dorado.
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