Pulver Predicts 2005

Jeff Pulver makes crystal ball predictions about 2005, mostly VoIP, broadband, and telecoms. Most of his thoughts are generally accepted, but I think two are bolder than most:

11) Open Source communications continues to gain momentum. The effects will be felt in 12-18 months.

16) If 2004 was the year of WiFi, then 2005 might be the year of Bluetooth. 2005 will see the emergence of the first dual, or multi-mode, phones capable of switching from WiFi to mobile wireless (and perhaps to landline).
I hope that open source communications takes off, and all of the diverging parties can continue to move towards common standards. Let's not re-play the mistakes of the US wireless business and building proprietary networks.

Jeff may be right on about Bluetooth. After all, micropayment systems and infrastructure is now in place and we will likely Bluetooth as the primary medium for micro transactions -- that is, if the carriers play ball like adults. I'm not so sure where the value is in WiFi to Wireless switching... Are there that many WiFi networks covering areas that Wireless cannot? Are the WiFi providers capable of playing in the voice space, deliver the necessary QoS infrastructure? Is it really worth something to the end user?
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