The Cato Institute - The Telecom Act

The Cato Institute is putting together a briefing on the The Telecom Act, suggesting that after nine years of existence reform can't wait.

The legendary (and infamous) George Gilder will be headlining the must see event on Monday February 7th in DC. As the Telecommunications Act of 1996 turns nine years old, industry analysts are expecting a major re-write of the act to be considered by the new Congress.
[The speakers] will provide a detailed agenda for telecom reform to help bring an end to the legally confusing and economically inefficient regulatory regime that that Telecom Act not only failed to clean up, but actually fostered.
I'd love to go to this event, but am otherwise tied up. George is a true visionary and has a solid understanding of the private/public balance of this regulatory issue. I hope there's a blogger out there to cover the event, let me know once you do.
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