Steve Case; What A Guy!

Steve Case talks about the AOL Time Warner merger after having been out of the spotlight for the past few years.
Case added that much of the merger's failed vision stemmed from a failure in "timing and execution." When the stock market began to collapse in 2000, the ripple effect did not reach AOL Time Warner (the company has since dropped the "AOL") until late 2001. "For some reason--some was cultural, some was the stock going down--people got mad," he said. "The merger was my idea. If you wanted to be mad at somebody, I was the one to be mad at." Still, Case's reasoning for the deal made sense: AOL needed Time Warner for its cable division.
This is such a grownup move on his behalf, if only more very senior executives could stand more firmly behind their mistakes and introspectively look at their actions. I can't wat to hear what "disruptive" businesses he continues to spend time on.
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