More on the TiVo Saga

Jeff Nolan points to a news release that TiVo has surpassed the 3 million subscriber mark. That's great news for the company, but I'm still struggling to see how they're going to muddle through as pricing pressures begin to mount. TiVo added approximately 698,000 total net subscriptions during the fourth quarter, of which 2/3 are DIRECTV driven subscriptions. Is that a sustainable relationship? Is that enough to warrant a 2x ttm sales multiple? Om Malik also comments on the subject.

Jeff also points to this pretty neat site for something called MythTV, a project that a guy, Isaac Richards, undertook to build his very own dream PVR - one with a web browser built in, a mail client, some games, and other such functionality not available in a TiVo. This is going to be an interesting story as it unfolds. So it goes.
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