The Omniscient "They"

I've caught myself referring to the ambiguous & omniscient "they" more frequently these days and I'm trying to correct this bad habid. Who the hell is "they"???
They did this. They said that. They want it.
Not only is it poor grammar and syntax to refer to an abstract in such a fashion, but it's limiting in terms of ones ability to express and clear statement.

Is "they" big brother? Is "they" the government? Is "they" they people who do things? Is "they" a mad scientist? Is "they" an oompa-loompa?

By using "they" the speaker implies that he/she doesn't know what he/she is really talking about. There is, and always should be, a definable entity behind the reference to a "they" in conversation.

Maybe next year, I can try to give up "they" during lent.
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