Intellectual Happy Hour

Telephony Online reports that Verizon Wireless this week announced plans to accelerate EV-DO network expansion in the New York City area. Bring it on!

A new venture blogger posts a classic discussion on diversification as seen by the venture community. It's a hilarious post on the oversimplification of one's assets. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter whether you're diversified at all or not (in your day-to-day job) but rather if you love what you do. If you want to diversify, and you work in venture or for a startup, buy t-bills or real estate.

Bill Gross publishes an incredibly well written investment outlook, which discusses the theory of singularity, the coincidence of real housing price appreciation to real interest rates, and his thoughts that real yields bottom out in 2003 & many asset classes will likely see a decline as rates climb.

Louis Philip has a great post on the various exit alternatives for the softphone player Skype. I continue to wonder if voice services (and the resulting M&A market) will highly resemble the world of portals and dot-coms of years past. By that I mean, is a consumer VoIP player akin to Lycos or Yahoo?
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