Intellectual Happy Hour

Mark Cuban on the foray by Yahoo in to online music distribution. Mark is opinionated as usual, but he's right on by calling a challenge to RIAA. I think he's wrong by saying "This is the low point for subscription services." I can smell a price war around the corner and if music isn't free today, then it'll be a hell of a low-margin business really soon. They (RIAA) may not manage to control the end price, but they certainly will control the wholesale price and Yahoo, iTunes, & others will have to bank on volume.

Could this be any weaker? Sorry, Howard. No one likes a quitter.

However, it's not going to be easy for the next couple of years. The strong always survive.

Ronald Gruia, of Technology Futurist pen, speaks to one of my favourite topics -- the globalization of innovation. Business and online brands will certainly pop up everywhere around the world. Whether small Eastern European companies, for example, can create global empires remains to be seen. But, just like during the industrial revolution, entrepreneurs built successful companies in their local/regional markets, expect to see the same for Internet 2.0.

Jeff Nolan points me to a must read on the history of Post-It Notes.

Ken Laws, from PacRim Venture Partners posting on VentureBlog, has a great analogy that's definitely worth thinking about. Every entrepreneur, and business person for that matter, should understand the dynamics of this story.
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