Brasil Qualifies

My home country qualifies in a series of somewhat disappointing games. If only the team would start Robinho more than the slightly rotund Ronaldo. I've read that he's pushing two hundred pounds!

Although I'm breathless watching Brasil play, some of the other games this first round have been absolutely spectacular. My favourite was the Sweden v England game on Tuesday; a truly amazing rally.

I'm not sure if Brasil has this World Cup clinched. Now that this first round is coming to an end, I'm starting to think that we should really keep an eye out for Portugal, Argentina, and Germany. My favourite back-up is always England, but I'm not sure the talent & unity is there this year. Italy could pull through, but I would find that hard to a country divided over such controversy can rally to a victory.

I've been glued to the television for the past ten days. And, when I'm not staring at a screen somewhere I'm glued to Folha Online or Yahoo Fifa for news & video.

This is the greatest event the world has to offer; the Olympics can't even compare in terms of energy, involvement, & excitement in my opinion. Even the television commercials (here, here, & here) are unsurpassed!
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