So it goes... four more years.

Brasil was clearly outplayed by France, and lost 1-0. We started the match playing fairly well, but fell apart shortly thereafter and allowed France to run the field. Zidane was no doubt the player of the match - clearly jogging alone. Although France was certainly better technically, Brasil's defense was like swiss cheese -- it seemed as if no one ever challenged Zidane.

As to our pathetic offense; Ronaldo should have been taken out earlier on. Robinho and Adriano probably could have supported the Roberto Carlos and Cafu flanks with vigor. But, Parreira’s last minute changes were too little, too late. There was no need to let Ronaldo continue to play after the first 30 minutes of sub-par approaches...

Basically, the offense fell, literally, and the defense was checked out. Hopefully, a younger team four years from now will have a better shot.
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