Kurzweil's Transcendent Man

A few years ago, at some technology conference, I received & read The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzwell, and all I could think of was Skynet from the film series The Terminator.   The book insightfully explores the merging of technology and biology, and its implications for the future. The 672 page tome dives into nerdy augury of the coalescence of genetics, nanotechnology and robotics.  As a Blade Runner fan, Kurzweil's predictions of evolution are a scientists wet dream.

Paul Kedrosky recently posted the above trailer and it's gotten me excited to to see the documentary, Transcendent Man.  As in the book, Kurzweil argues that artificial intelligence is improving exponentially, and eventually – the latest ETA is apparently 2045 – computing will become self-conscious and "alive".  Bring it.
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